Fields, meadows, forests and chalets and cottages

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If you are looking for cheap, well-located and advantageous chalets and cottages, check out our website. You can find here a complete offer of a really large number of properties, just choose.

If you are interested in chats and cottages, please feel free to contact us. On our website you will find all necessary information about our company, including contact details such as telephone number, address and registered office of the Company and, of course, email address. If necessary, call us immediately, we are here to advise you and help you with everything. Our highly skilled workers will take care of you without the slightest problems.

Summer Cottages

If you are looking for chalets and cottages only for the summer season, cheaper and simpler houses that are directly adapted for the summer (for example, terrace, swimming pool, garden, pergola) will be the best for you.