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Understanding Intensive Outpatient Programs

Life for a person suffering from a mental disorder or one trying to defeat addiction is not an easy thing. Life is a constant struggle because they have to fight relapse and symptoms of their illnesses and or addictions on top of trying to live a fulfilling life. However, it is possible for you to achieve a full recovery and get back to your normal life with the help of treatment programs. Selecting which treatment to go for can be a daunting task. Inpatient programs, outpatient program, and intensive outpatient programs are some of the options you have. Committing to an inpatient program can be a hassle, more so if you have a lot of obligations you need to attend to. Outpatient programs are not recommended for individuals who are too far gone with their addictions. The most recommended option is the intensive outpatient program option, as it is a blend of the other two programs.

If you have severe symptoms, then the best option for you may be an inpatient program as it gives around the clock care. Unlike inpatient programs, outpatient programs are encouraged for people with mild symptoms because of the level of freedom given to patients. Intensive outpatient programs fall somewhere between the two spectrums. They offer the flexibility of outpatient programs but also contain a comprehensive treatment plan.

Though every intensive outpatient program is different, there are certain things that are common for all of them. You should expect several individual counseling sessions when you choose an intensive outpatient program. Here, patients have one on one discussions with trained counselors, with the aim of reducing the risk of relapse. You should also expect group therapy when you opt for intensive outpatient care. This is vital as it promotes a supportive environment. Intensive outpatient programs also have life skills classes. In these classes, patients learn how to better manage their frustrations and the importance of things such as hygiene in the path to full recovery. These programs also provide medication monitoring and management services.

There are a lot of benefits of intensive outpatient programs. You should look for an intensive outpatient program if you have just been released from an inpatient program and would like help adjusting to life outside around the clock care. People who have no likelihood of hurting themselves are also good candidates for intensive outpatient programs. You can also join an intensive outpatient program if a specialist tells you that you do not need a detox. Do not go for an inpatient program when you have supportive friends and family and would like your life to remain unaffected and still undergo treatment.

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