Mácha Lake

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Did you know that Karel Hynek Mácha visited Máchovo Jezero for his life six times? This is the case, already in the old days of the 19th century, this place went on and developed a recreational direction.

Mácha Lake, or the Great Pond, is the eighth largest pond in the Czech Republic, which is also not present in the South Bohemian Region (then the third largest). Do not be confused, it is really a pond, that is, an artificially created water reservoir intended primarily for recreation, which could be contradated by a slightly subtly distorted and confusing name. But it does not change the fact that it is the most sought after Czech tourist reservation, where visitors only flock.


Mácha's Lake was founded in roce1336 and by others than of course Karl IV. The famous Czech Chronicle of the Prague Canovník Beneš, the box from Weitmile, is about the founding of the pond.