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welcome to the research page of prof. shuiqing li at tsinghua university. the overarching theme of my research is the physical understanding of particle media at various length scales, such as macro-scale (granular)micro-scale (dust) and atomic-scale (nanoparticle), in combination with multi-field effects encompassing viscous flowsthermal boundary layerselectrostaticslaser optics, and chemically heterogeneous reactions.

together with my graduates and collaborators, first we are working towards the development of modern particle-level approaches for analyzing and simulating particulate flows at mesoscale, in particular, focusing on problems with small adhesive particles. second, we are also curiously exploring the underlying mechanism of multiscale problems with heterogeneous chemically reactive flow over particle surfaces or near walls, spanning from reactive materials, flame-made aerosols, in situ nano-catalysts, etc. benefiting from above fundamentals, we are not only developing the clean coal and oxy-coal combustion technologies, but also interest in any advanced methods related to dust mitigation, particle coagulation, and particulate removal.

generally, we have activities built around multiphase flows, heterogeneous reactive flow, physical chemistry, and physicochemical hydrodynamics relevant to energy conversion (primarily combustion) and environmental engineering. we enjoy new challenges and collaborations. feel free to visit us, either in person or on the web.

adhesive particulate media

the equation of state for random sphere packings with arbitrary adhesion and friction

the packings of non-adhesive granular matter have been extensively studied, with two well-known packing limits identified as the random close packing (rcp) and the random loose packing (rlp). however, for micron-sized particles, the presence of adhesive interactions such as van der waals forces could intrinsically change the packing properties, which have not been well understood. in this work, we sys...