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               ren tianling,  special professor of yangtze river scholars,  winner of the national outstanding youth fund.  

assistant to the dean of the institute of information science and technology & vice director of the center for environmental and health sensing technology, tsinghua university.


brief introduction:      

           born in shandong province in 1971, graduated from tsinghua university in 1997. since 2003, professor of department of microelectronics in tsinghua university.the main research area is new micro-nano electronic devices and integrated system technologies, including: intelligent sensing technology, two-dimensional electronic devices, new memory, flexible micro-electronic devices and systems. more than 300 papers have been published in domestic and foreign academic journals and conferences, including more than 160 papers in sci journals such as nature communications, energy & environmental science, advanced materials, nano letters, acs nano letters, nanoscale, applied physics letters, ieee electron device letters, etc. 10 papers of iedm, international top academic conference on microelectronics; more than 50 invention patents have been obtained at home and abroad. served as vice chairman of ieee institute of electronic devices and member of iedm executive committee, director of the chinese society of micron nanotechnology instrument and society of micro-nano devices and systems technology, ieee electronic devices to distinguished lecturer, ieee edtm executive committee member, etc.


research directions:

1.  2d electronic devices and new nano electronic devices
(1) graphene-based ram;
(2) graphene-based acoustic devices;
(3) integrated devices based on 2d materials (graphene, molybdenum sulfide, black phosphorus, topological insulators, etc.);
(4) new devices based on magnetoresistance effect (gmr, tmr, etc.) or spin control。

2.  intelligent sensor and integrated microsystem (mems)
(1) microacoustic devices and systems;
(2) rf filters, microantennas, microinductors for wireless communications;
(3) integrated micro sensors (pressure, temperature, acceleration, infrared sensors, etc.);
(4) intelligent sensors and microsystems for medical, health, environmental and agricultural applications.

3.  key new technology of micro-nano electronics
(1) flexible micro-nano electronic technology;
(2) new nano-memory technology;
(3) key new technologies for chip energy control and chip information security;
(4) new technologies for semiconductor materials and devices.


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