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welcome to yang yang li 's group !


    dr. yang yang li (李扬扬)

     room g6705, 6/f green zone, yeung kin man academic building (academic building 1), lift 2



     83 tat chee avenue, kowloon, hong kong sar, china

     tel: 852 34427810 ; email: 


dr. yang yang li is an associate professor at the department of materials science and engineering, cityu. dr. li received her bachelor's degree from peking university, beijing, master's degree from national university of singapore, singapore, and ph.d. degree from university of california, san diego, usa. she served as research scientist from 2004 to 2007 in hitachi chemical research center, irvine, ca. afterwards, she joined in city university of hong kong in may 2007.

dr. li has extensive experiences in biomineralization materials(e.g., amorphous calcium carbonate, amorphous calcium phosphate), surface enhanced raman spectroscopy, electrochemical nanofabrication, electrocatalysts, ect. dr. li has published peer-reviewed papers in prestigious journals including science; adv. mater.; j. am. chem. soc.; angew chem. in. ed.; adv. func. mater. etc. she serves as editorial board of american journal of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging, materials letters, american journal of translational research, ect.



plasmon-mediated chemical reactions


hot carriers (hcs) and thermal effects, stemming from plasmon decays, are crucial for most plasmonic applications. however, quantifying these two effects remains extremely challenging due to the experimental difficulty in accurately measuring the temperature at reaction sites. herein, we provide a novel strategy to disentangle hcs from photothermal effects based on the different traits of heat dissipation (long range) and hcs transport (short range), and quantitatively uncover t...